Semi-Private Training
Fitness & Weight Loss in Bentonville, AR

Personalized Workouts Done in a Small Group Session

As a member, you get a Body Blueprint strategy session with a personal coach. The point of the strategy is to find out your goals, your needs and complete 7 body screens. All this important information is used to determine your workouts. After 4 to 8 weeks we re-evaluate your results and current program. We keep you accountable. We make sure you continue to get RESULTS! Your program continues to change as you get results.
Private fitness training in Bentonville, Arkansas.

How it works

  • Sessions last 40-60 minutes
  • Max 4 people each session
  • Each workout is individually designed
  • Meet with a success coach every 4 to 8 weeks for accountability
  • Cardio and Relaxation recommendations included
NOT sure “Semi-private” is for you? AFC does offer one-on-one training. This membership option is great for anyone who may need attention to injuries, special goals or get more motivation one-on-one!

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