BootyBarre: Fusing fitness techniques from Yoga, Pilates and Ballet, with fluid athletic intervals. The perfect combination of strength and flexibility, with an added cardiovascular workout. 
ABS: 30 minute intense core work set to upbeat music. You’ll work your entire core and learn new exercises to help sculpt the body. This class is for all fitness levels and is a great way to fit a quick but challenging workout into your busy day.
YogaBurn: You get the calorie blasting from BURN followed by some serious stretching of those hard working muscles. Think fat torching cardio intervals using machines followed by Vinyasa. The best of both worlds! All levels. 
Athletic Stretch: Simple, athletic based stretches will elongate tight muscles and reduce the risk of injury. The classes uses several methods of stretch (static, PNF, dynamic, PowerPlate) to improve your flexibility, mobility and quality of life.
Deep Stretch: Do you run, bike, play golf or tennis?  This yoga class will focus on stretching and increasing flexibility in the places where athletes need it most. 
Private Restore Session: Imagine receiving personal attention addressing your flexibility and mobility needs. If attention to detail is important to you , try a one-on-one private ReStore session.
Roll & Restore: R&R is self-massage or self myofascial release (SMR). Classes will guide you with proper technique and placement of foam rollers, balls, and other tools to help you restore healthy function to your tissues. Ultimately, this means that you'll move better, recover faster, perform better and have less pain so that you can continue to be active, and do what you love to do. 
Core Restore: Your "core" is a complex series of muscles, far more than just your abs, and it is incorporated in almost every movement you make. Combining restorative and Pilates techniques we will help challenge, stabilize, stretch and heal to create a more balanced and flexible body.

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