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Bruce is a long time fitness professional with both an Undergraduate and Master's degree in Exercise Science. Bruce’s fitness journey started at a health club cleaning machines and locker rooms and over the last two decades he worked his way to becoming the Head Strength Coach at the University of Arkansas women’s program. 
Bruce has a passion for wanting to change the way people think and act about their own fitness. He followed his heart from athletic training and recommitted to personal training. 
For the last 12 years his homebase was the private community of Shadow Valley in Rogers, AR and he has expanded his vision to open the Abnormal Fitness Club.
Bruce aims to be a leader in the fitness industry by giving people hope about helping them lead a healthier lifestyle and improve overall wellness.
“It’s my belief that the fitness industry is broken. The industry shuns the people who really need fitness and instead caters to the already fit. When I look at the fitness industry, I don’t see an abundance of professionals dedicated to the needs of those who are 15 pounds or more overweight, people who don't want to be a bodybuilder, or the crowd that is 40 years old and up. ”

Bruce Williams's commitment at Abnormal Fitness Club is to open up the fitness industry and help anyone who wants to build muscle, lose weight, improve flexibility and increase well-being.


Cindy has been teaching fitness classes for more than ten years and has been a personal trainer for five. Being a trainer has allowed her to combine her two passions - education and working out. She holds a Masters degree in education, and has certifications in personal training, group exercise, yoga, FMS, and working with cancer survivors.
"I enjoy helping people achieve their fitness goals, and I will do whatever it takes to help you achieve yours. I have worked with all ages from teenagers through those in their 80s. I love working with new or beginning clients and showing them how physical activity can change their lives."

For those who are already physically fit, she provides challenging and appropriate workouts and with focus on helping clients reach the next level. At Abnormal Fitness Club, Cindy offers private and semi private training and teaches many of the Group X classes: Build and Burn, Slam, and Burn. When she's not teaching or training, you'll see her taking classes along with you. 

"My fitness journey continues…I've competed in half-marathons, Tough Mudders, and figure and physique competitions - all after the age of 45, and I look forward to sharing the benefit of these experiences with you in your own personal fitness journey!"


Having studied at Point Park College, Joffrey Ballet, American Ballet Theater and the University of Pittsburgh, Cyndi has an extensive dance background. She had danced professionally for 10 years before turning her focus to teaching, which she has done for over 30 years. 

 Cyndi’s teaching experience expands beyond ballet to pointe, tap, jazz, modern, pilates and yoga. Cyndi has also spent time teaching gymnastics while her daughter excelled at Aspire Gymnastics in Bentonville.

In addition to her dance certifications and background, Cyndi is now certified in the Balanced Habits Nutrition Program. Being a Type 1 diabetic, proper health and nutrition is a keen focus and passion for her. She thoroughly enjoys designing a personalized nutrition program, while counseling and motivating individuals to achieve their nutritional goals and objectives.

Cyndi looks forward to meeting with you and working on a specific nutritional program to help you achieve better health, sustainable nutritional habits and a happier overall life.


Melanie is a former colligate diver from Eastern Kentucky University. She taught swimming, diving, and water aerobics for 8 years. 

After working in the consumer product industry and raising a family in Northwest Arkansas for the last 13 years, she decided to get back into her love of teaching and training others. As a student of STOTT PILATES for the last 10 years, Melanie found no other exercise provided the benefits to her overall wellbeing. It was a natural decision to want to share the benefits Pilates provides to both body and mind. She has over 150 hours of STOTT Pilates training and has been teaching for 2 years in Northwest Arkansas.

Melanie is married to Tate Carter and they have two sons, Nicholas and Jackson.


Personal Training Specialist, Certified Sport Conditioning Coach

Rachel has over 13 years of experience internationally in the fitness industry. She has been training adults and children, teaching group fitness classes, and coaching athletes. Her clients have included rehabilitation patients to elite athletes. She holds many certifications including Certified Personal Training Specialist, Certified Sport Conditioning Coach, Certified Sport Yoga and Pilates Master Practitioner. She has a passion for whole person fitness. She strives to help each client establish and accomplish their goals by designing programs that will help develop the skills to increase strength, mobility, and flexibility. As your personal trainer, she will challenge, empower, and drive you towards your personal fitness goals!

Earlier in her life, she fractured a vertebrae. She recovered to return to an active lifestyle, but still had residual pain. Then a life changing mountain bike accident left her with debilitating back and hip pain. Through these traumas, she has learned to take a holistic approach to her own healing. This has given her a sincere desire to help others overcome their own personal challenges, whatever they may be.


Booty Barre Instructor
Rebecca's love for dance, ballet specifically, has come full circle in her life through becoming a BootyBarre instructor. She began classical ballet at the age of 3 and continued adding tap, jazz, contemporary, competitive gymnastics and cheerleading through the age of 18. Graduating from Louisiana State University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Elementary Education,  led her to become a 4th grade teacher until her first child was born. She has been a stay-at-home-mom for the past twelve years raising her three children. After having her third baby, later in her 30’s, she struggled with getting back into fitness but knew her body and health needed it. Rebecca found a barre class and soon after her love for dance came to the surface! In January 2015 she completed the BootyBarre instructor training! Now, she's able to combine her love of dance with her love of helping others through their fitness goals. 

"What I love most about BootyBarre is that it provides a full body workout by combining cardiovascular and strength training through the fusion of ballet, pilates and yoga, all amazing methods to keep your body in motion! My goal as a BootyBarre instructor is to provide my client with an energetic and safe workout while improving overall strength and flexibility through the fun and enjoyment of dance!"
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