Increase Your Sport Strength & Speed in Bentonville, Arkansas

Join our Abnormal Athlete group training today and see how proper workouts will increase your sport strength! Imagine working out specifically for YOUR sport and seeing a dramatic difference in your POWER, STRENGTH and SPEED!
Abnormal Athletes

ALL athletes welcome. Ages 11-17 years old. Group workouts with similar kids and similar goals. Get strong using safe, results proven programs. 

These days kids & teens seem to choose one sport and stick with it for several years rather than trying different sports at a time. Although, this an example of great dedication, this type of continuous, isolated movement can leave the athlete vulnerable to muscle, bone and joint injuries.

Many sports put more pressure and strain on a select group of muscles and joints. When an athlete does this repeatedly during sports training it leaves the neglected muscle groups vulnerable to injury.

At Abnormal Fitness Club we have a solution. We'll develop a plan specifically for each individual to strengthen those neglected muscle groups, while improving your overall strength and speed to excel in your sport. 
Athlete training in Bentonville, Arkansas

Summer Activities 

Summer Athletes with Abnormal

Are you an athlete? Don't miss out on training this summer! Develop Abnormal strength, speed and flexibility while having fun!

Who:      Anyone ages 10-17
When:   10:00am - 11:00am
                  Monday | Wednesday | Friday
Choose your package:
Athlete/Activity 8 - Pack: $135
Athlete/Activity 20 - Pack: $235
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