Total Calories Burned             Week: 155,947        Month: 482,693           Year: 11,464,905

Your Personal Training
& Weight Loss Club

Fitness, Nutrition & Weight Loss 
in Bentonville, Arkansas

Here at Abnormal Fitness Club, we believe we are unlike any other gym in Northwest Arkansas.  Our focus is on the individual needs of each member. We perform an analysis of each new member to assess your needs as well as your individual goals. Whether you're looking for a weight loss program, nutritional coaching, or an individualized fitness plan, we have the expertise and resources to help you achieve results. We offer a broad range of classes to address many types of workout plans, from calorie burning cardio and strength training classes, to restorative yoga and Pilates. 

Come experience the Abnormal difference. After all, everyone's body is different, so your fitness plan should be too. Join the Abnormal movement. Workout Abnormally. Eat Abnormally. Be Abnormal.

Learn more about what makes us different here.


The Difference at Abnormal Fitness
Our Abnormal workouts integrate five essential building blocks:
7 readings to give us a "blueprint" of your personal needs.
Personal workouts with expert trainers and small groups with other people just like you - motivated to get results. 
Utilizing heart rate technology and a personalized approach,  AFC group classes focus on calorie killing and muscle building.
Stretch and Restore muscle through Yoga, Barre and Pilates sessions.
We are the only licensed TakeDown™ Lifestyles club in Arkansas. This international nutrition program is a system that teaches you how to eat and outlines every meal for you.


Did you make a New Years Resolution in 2015 to lose weight or to live healthier? How long could you keep up that plan without encouragement or the right tools? We are not a diet fad, we don't jump on whatever is trending at the moment and proclaim it to be the best diet out there. We are the real deal. We look at your lifestyle, eating habits and goals and set a nutrition plan that fits YOU*! JUST YOU! Get started TODAY! 
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